Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Interview: Just Hannah

Hallo meine lieben Blogleser,
heute kommt ein ganz toller Blogpost für euch.
Ich habe nämlich ein schönes Interview mit einer Youtuberin geführt.
Dieses Interview ist per E-Mail und Twitter abgelaufen.

Es geht heute um Hannah.
Ich muss eigentlich gar nichts groß über sie sagen. Sie hat nämlich fünf Fragen von mir beantwortet, wo ich denke, dass diese sie gut beschreiben werden.



1.Who are you? Introduce yourself (Name, age, place of residence) 
"My name is Hannah. I go by Just Hannah on youtube. I am 14 years old my birthday was just last April. I live in Nashville, TN.  I am a competitive gymnast since I was 3 years old."

2. When did you start to sing? 
"I started singing like 2 years ago. I got hurt in gymnastics so while I was out I started singing and learning how to play the guitar.  I learned playing from Youtube.  if anyone is just starting out it is a great resource for learning cool stuff like that.  So I encourage anyone that is wanting to start making youtube video and you don't know how to play or sing or if you want lessons but cant afford to hire a professional Youtube is a good place for that."

3. What songs do you cover? 
"I cover all types of songs. I try to find current songs so that I can build my fan base.  So I try to look for songs that are current but that I can like make it my own."

4. Have you already written your own song?
"I haven't written my own song yet.  My first original was written by some talented writers here in nashville.  I am learning how to write and I have several friends that do write their own songs and they give me advice on how to get ideas and stuff."
5. Do you have role models, that inspire your music when you sing a song? 
"Well I grew up listening to adele she is the one I like the most for my style of singing but I like other artist as well. I have covered everything from Adele to Gym Class Heros to Sleeping with Sirens."    
Have you got something you say?
"My first original song is currently on iTunes go check it out.  Its called "What If Its Love"(*klick*)  the video should be out soon so keep an eye out for that." 

 Sie hat schon einige Stars kennen gelernt. Unter anderem Taylor Swift und Tiffany Alvold. Mit Tiffany hat sogar auch ein Song gecovert. Von Bruno Mars - It will rain (*klick*)

Ein tolles Cover von ihr: Colbie Caillat - Falling For You

Thank you Hannah, for this interview. I wish you good luck with your music, you'll have been doing this, keep it up. :)

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